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I work in hospitality, at a European bistro in the city. It’s a nice little place and I’ve been here for about a year or so. Like most in the hospitality industry, we just celebrated Christmas in July and all the staff went down to the Macedon Ranges to visit some wineries courtesy of the owner of the bistro. The Macedon Ranges are renowned for their Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays, and we were all chomping at the bit to get … Continue Reading →

Find Finger Food in Melbourne

My son got engaged last weekend to a beautiful girl and we couldn’t be prouder parents. Her family lives overseas so a lot of the responsibility for organising these things falls to us. We relish the opportunity to do things for them and were just so happy with how well everything worked out. Adam was very nervous all the way through but I told him not to worry about a thing. The Food Agency was a big help managing all … Continue Reading →

Looking for house and land packages in the south east suburbs? Give House and Land Packages Melbourne a call

Finding a new home is never easy. You want to live in a good area, close to shops and schools, a decent backyard, a reputable builder, and a home that suits your taste and lifestyle. After all, buying a home is the biggest investment you’ll most likely make in your whole life, so it’s got to be perfect. I myself have always loved living in the south east suburbs; they have everything I need and it’s only ever a half … Continue Reading →

Blinds for Bedrooms

It’s hard to go past blinds for bedrooms. They are simple and elegant, easy to keep clean and really functional. You can go with a plain block colour or try spicing up kids bedrooms with a mural blind. Blockout Blinds stock a great range and provide you with plenty of options. I’m in and out of the store on an almost weekly basis because they are great problem solvers. Whatever I’m dealing with from strange window shapes to noisy streets, … Continue Reading →


Build Right With Healthy Weight Gain Food

As a nutritionist I am often approached by people looking to get fit, build muscle mass and train for more specific things. Weight gain food is often on the menu in these discussions and I find it alarming how much misinformation is out there. Just as it is with weight loss, going about weight gain the wrong way can be really dangerous and have lasting health effects. It’s always good to see a nutritionist but for some, the easiest option … Continue Reading →

Find a place for furniture storage and make space for someone’s new home

When we put our house on the market the first advice that we were given from Real Estate agents was to remove a lot of furniture and clutter from the house. People like to visualise themselves in a home and too much fuss and too many sentimental things didn’t help buyers see a fresh start for their own family. We had no idea what to do with all of our belongings until a friend suggested Guardian Storage for furniture storage, … Continue Reading →


Plagued by Chronic Fatigue?

When I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue it was both a shock and a relief. I was concerned but also glad to have a reason as to why I had been feeling so exhausted and generally out of form. I spoke to my doctor about possible approaches and I’m glad he didn’t go straight for serious medication. I’ve always been someone that prefers herb and plant based medicines where possible, doing things in a healthy way rather than going for … Continue Reading →


Fair Bond Loans in Victoria

When you need a loan you’re sort of in a bind. It’s a moment of vulnerability and let’s face it, no one wants to ask for money. A huge percentage of Australians will be in a position in their life, probably on multiple occasions, where a loan will be necessary for one reason or another. The first time I encountered the experience was with bond loans in Victoria. My family move across from Adelaide about two years ago and the … Continue Reading →


Great Jeans For Women

I love jeans. For me they are the base of many a good look. I like to dress down unless it’s an occasion because seriously, what’s sexier than someone who’s comfortable? Nobody Jeans make great jeans for women with comfort in mind. I wouldn’t say style isn’t also a high priority but the quality of the denim and the shape fulfils both aims pretty nicely. I’ve owned jeans form most of the major companies you see in the Melbourne shops … Continue Reading →

Auto Electrician in a Flash

When my cars electrics went out it simply wasn’t safe or even possible to drive it to the shop. Being able to get an Ace Mobile auto electrician out to me on the side of the road already well into the evening was a real help. They quickly worked out it was a bit of a job to get things fixed but sent me home in the meantime in a cab. I felt bad because the guy was working pretty … Continue Reading →